In recent years UK households have seen a huge increase to their energy bills. Millions of pounds are leaving our local economy each year and many struggle to heat inefficient houses leading some into fuel poverty.

Energy use in homes amounts to just under a third of total energy use in the UK, contributing significantly to carbon emissions. The 1066 Local Energy campaign aims to address both these issues by creating a new clean energy system that benefits the local community.

Some really eye opening statistics on energy bills and the benefits of investing in energy efficiency and low carbon options can be found at Can-do cities website. See Why Hastings? and Why Rother? for our local data.

In the video below Alan Simpson, recently interviewed here in Hastings, discusses the need to move towards local generation and local ‘smart’ grids and away from the domination of the market by the ‘Big Six’.

Solar power

Our local area is one of the sunniest in Britain and this means we have a great opportunity to turn community buildings and houses into mini green power stations. In 2019 the solar feed in tariff will be cut which means we have an 18 month window of opportunity to make this happen now. The time has come for a community led energy movement. One that puts local people back in control of their energy use and production.

Retrofitting and renewable energy

The local area has recently been successful in gaining two EU funded projects which bring over £1.7 million of investment to the area and include programmes of retrofitting homes and community renewable energy. We think it’s the perfect time to use the momentum from the projects to launch the campaign to generate real and lasting change for 1066 Country.