Ore Valley Energy Local Pilot

More about the Ore Valley Energy Local Pilot   

Stage 1: The current situation and recruitment.

So this is us now! Each month we all wave goodbye to hundreds of pounds leave our community and ends up (mostly) with one of the big six energy companies. We all receive energy from the national grid and it travels a huge distance to reach us.

Energise Sussex Coast is currently recruiting 100 households who would like to pioneer a different model. The first step for these 100 households is to sign up with Energise Sussex Coast. They will then have a next generation SMART meter installed and information will be gathered about their energy use and whether they would benefit from being part of an Energy Local Club.





Stage 2: The Energy Local Club is formed.

Every Energy Local club needs a local renewable energy generating hub. For the Ore Valley pilot, this will be the solar panels on a large community building. This hub is then paired with the Energy Local Club and the members of the club agree to buy the energy generated locally. This will be sold to them at a cheaper rate than the usual electricity price.








Stage 3: more money is kept in the local economy.

Once the club is up and running everyone benefits. Instead of all that money (£169 million leaving Hastings alone!) leaving our local area, Energy Local keeps it in the local economy. The club members will also be supported with energy advice to make sure their home is as energy efficient as possible.

The club will keep going with members leaving and joining as they choose.  More clubs will spring up as more and more people learn about the benefits for themselves and their local area.

Inspired and want to be involved?

Great! Energise Sussex Coast would love to hear from you. Email kate@energisesussexcoast.co.uk to find out more.