The 1066 Local Energy Campaign is looking for local investors for our renewable energy projects.  By pooling our resources we can fund renewable energy projects and facilitate the change to greener energy, whilst also making an investment in our local area.

We are delighted that the Ore Campus of East Sussex College is the location for the first community energy project for the 1066 Local Energy Campaign.  The solar roof will supply the college with a significant amount of its electricity at a reduced rate. This will be the largest roof top solar project in the 1066 region made up of a fitting 1066 panels (or almost!). The college will not have to pay for the panels, which will be gifted to them after 25 years when the project ends. Local investors will earn a 5% return (dividend) on their shares.  Please support this site by investing here.

For our current offer, we have partnered with Brighton Energy Co-operative (BEC) who have 28 community energy sites across the South East and pay their shareholders 5%.  BEC will facilitate the solar roof installation and manage shareholder members.

How it works

To raise money to install solar panels, investors buy shares in Brighton Energy Coop (BEC). Shareholders become members of BEC. The site receives fully funded solar panel installation and in return buy electricity from BEC at a reduced rate.

BEC aim to provide new members a return on investment of 5% a year, as they have for existing members, starting 12-18 months after each project is installed. 5% of capital is also available for repayment each year. The minimum shareholding is £300 and the maximum is £100,000.

For more information on Brighton Energy Coop and their impressive track record click here.