Trusted suppliers of Solar PV

Energise Sussex Coast has worked with Community Energy South to produce a detailed process to review the performance of solar and battery providers. Energise Sussex Coast can refer you to their list of trusted suppliers and help make sure you get the best deal.

Suppliers have been independently checked on:

  • Financial status

  • Experience, track record and installation standards

  • Minimum quality, environmental and health and safety standards for manufacture

  • End of life waste management standards for products

The trusted supplier relationship also means that you can access a no hassle, top quality installation at the best possible price.

You can download the form here or email for details.

Be part of a Living Labs research project

Energise Sussex Coast is looking for local residents to take part in the ENERGISE Living Lab research project. Participants will join thousands of other citizens across the UK to be supported to cut the amount of energy they use in the home. Continue reading “Be part of a Living Labs research project”

Best possible start to the 1066 Local Energy campaign

Laughter, smiles and new ideas were abound at the Hastings Big Happy Sun-day last Sunday.

Local artist Linda King showed off her ‘Volts-wagon’ promoting the event around the Old Town and encouraging visitors to sign up to the campaign. Artwork created in a workshop at Sandown school in Ore was installed by workshop leader and local artist Wendy Smith.

Continue reading “Best possible start to the 1066 Local Energy campaign”