Building community support for the 1066 Local Energy Campaign

The most important aspect of our 1066 Local Energy campaign is local community support and participation. We have been working hard to develop and commission educative and creative elements to the campaign, to engage and inspire people to get involved.

Prior to our 1066 Local Energy launch (The Big Happy Sun-Day) we ran a workshop at Sandown Primary School in Ore. Pupils were taught about how energy is made from the sun and wind and then worked with Wendy Smith, a local artist, to create a renewable energy exhibition. The exhibition was displayed at the launch event and will be reused for other community energy events. Sandown School are now exploring whether they can become a solar school and have signed up to a pupil led ‘Energy heroes’ scheme to reduce the amount of energy the school uses.

The Big Happy Sun-Day event on 10 September this year was attended by around 400 people who came along to learn about the new campaign.

The day started off sunny and bright and lots of families took part in solar boat making, craft workshops, pedal powered smoothies, hand powered car racing and conversations about energy efficiency and renewable energy. A solar powered cinema entertained a steady stream of people throughout the day.

We had considerable interest in the campaign aims to generate more local renewable energy, make energy more affordable for local people, stop wasting energy and keep more money in the local economy. The event produced the following outcomes:

  • 89 signed up to the campaign
  • 53 signed up to receive energy advice
  • 23 signed up to become energy champions or campaign volunteers
  • 39 were interested in the new local tariff
  • 27 wanted to help get solar on their organisation/community building

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