Best possible start to the 1066 Local Energy campaign

Laughter, smiles and new ideas were abound at the Hastings Big Happy Sun-day last Sunday.

Local artist Linda King showed off her ‘Volts-wagon’ promoting the event around the Old Town and encouraging visitors to sign up to the campaign. Artwork created in a workshop at Sandown school in Ore was installed by workshop leader and local artist Wendy Smith.

Big Happy Sun-day, Stade, Hastings

Congratulations on yesterday’s launch. It felt like a real success. Thank you again for inviting FFH.
Gabriel Carlyle, Fossil Free Hastings

Stall holders included Heart of Hastings, BHESCO, Citizens Advice 1066 and Energise Sussex Coast all with engaging activities, such as solar powered boat making, wind powered pin wheels and hand powered car racing. Cinema Sol, the world’s smallest solar powered cinema, was extremely popular with visitors, showing entertaining short films and handing out free popcorn.

Richard Watson from Energise Sussex Coast said:

We saw so many people on the Sun-day launch and the interest shown in generating our own energy and keeping prices lower has given the 1066 local energy campaign the best possible start. 

“We just want to thank all our amazing volunteers and helpers who turned up on the day, those who gave us a donation and the children of Sandown Primary School for their lovely artwork,” said Kate Meakin, campaign manager. “Also Matthew from Marks and Spencer in Ravenside for his generous donation of fruit for the smoothie bike.”

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