Solar installation completed at East Sussex College, Ore Valley

Energise Sussex Coast, in partnership with Brighton Energy Co-op, has seen the completion of their largest project to date.

Almost 1,000 solar panels have now been attached to the frame on the Ore Valley campus roof, a 250 kWp project featuring SolarEdge Technologies Inc.Students at the college got the opportunity to see the installation in progress, joining the Genfit team on the college roof.

As well as cutting its carbon emissions, the college will save thousands on their electricity bill.

Solar installation at East Sussex College Ore Valley Campus

Building community support for the 1066 Local Energy Campaign

The most important aspect of our 1066 Local Energy campaign is local community support and participation. We have been working hard to develop and commission educative and creative elements to the campaign, to engage and inspire people to get involved.

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Best possible start to the 1066 Local Energy campaign

Laughter, smiles and new ideas were abound at the Hastings Big Happy Sun-day last Sunday.

Local artist Linda King showed off her ‘Volts-wagon’ promoting the event around the Old Town and encouraging visitors to sign up to the campaign. Artwork created in a workshop at Sandown school in Ore was installed by workshop leader and local artist Wendy Smith.

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